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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my case cost?

At the consultation we will discuss the nature of your charges and identify the work that will have to be done to provide you with the best defence possible. At that time fees are usually discussed as well. In some situations you may qualify to receive financial assistance from Legal Aid Ontario to cover these fees. Shane Martínez accepts Legal Aid certificates for many cases, and can help you with the application process so that you can determine if you are eligible. For more information on eligibility, please click here.

For persons who don't qualify for Legal Aid, Martínez Law offers block-fee billing. Because it can take months to resolve a criminal matter, it is ideal for the client to know from the beginning exactly how much their entire case will cost. Block-fee billing, unlike hourly billing, provides a clear, single amount that covers all of the work that the firm will do on your case. This method of billing provides you with financial certainty, and with confidence in the stability of your legal investment. You can enjoy knowing that you are able to contact the firm whenever you need to without having to pay extra or worry about how much the next stage of the proceedings will cost you.

Martínez Law does not turn away those who are facing financial hardships. Short term or long term payment plans are often available to accommodate your personal situation and provide you with peace of mind.

I have a personal injury case. Can you represent me?

For personal injury matters, we recommend Carranza LLP. The firm, which is known as "Toronto's largest ethnic personal injury law firm", can provide services in twenty-four languages, including Spanish.

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